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Web Directories for Website Submission

A list of search engine friendly web site directories, some with high PR category pages.

Here´s a list of good directories to get your new web site listed and also found by the search engines. In order to be accepted, your web site should not only consist of affiliate links but also have some original content.
Please be aware of that most of those who require a fee don´t give you a refund in case your site gets rejected. Make sure you read the guidelines of each directory before submitting your site.

The mother of all directories with lots of high PR pages. Only high quality sites make it into this directory. Free submission for non-commercial sites, 299$ fee for express submission and commercial sites. But beware: paying the fee does only guarantee that your site will be reviewed within 7 days, it´s not a guarantee for being included as well. Annually recurring fee.

DMOZ - open directory project
free submission. Important directory with high PR (5-7) category pages. But it can take months before your website gets reviewed and depending on the good-will of the category´s editor your website might even get listed.

The first group of directories includes those that I use first to submit new websites to, because some of them are very cheap and others give still a good value for the price. I like directories that allow you to submit individual pages, so you can boost the ranking for internal pages of your site that are optimized for low competitive keyphrases and it also makes it more difficult for your competitors to check where all your backlinks come from.

Directory name/ URL Home
free or recip.paid Notes 5 3 25 $ 7 2-5 39 $ = basic; 69 $ for premium listing 6 2-4 10 $ no pure affiliate sites 5 3 15 $ refund if declined 6 2-3 15 $ refund if declined, 35$ premium listing, allows deep linking + keywords 6 5 20 $ 4 2-3 20 $ complete website review, short site description on separate page with top link 5 3-4 10 $ very affordable price for value 5 3-4 25 $ refund if declined 7 3-5 40 $ 100 $ for 1 year top placement 6 3-4 35 $ deep linking allowed, sponsored listing costs 100 $/ year 5 2-4 45 $ or 75 $ for premium listing plus 3 deep links 5 2-4 25 $ accepts affiliate sites

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