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TheJungleMarketer´s Reviews of Marketing Related Books, Business Software Tools and Services

Dear Colleague,

on these pages you´ll find and ever growing archive of reviews on e-books, software tools, online services, affiliate programs, etc ...

The main purpose of these reviews is to help you make a better bying decision.

Whom can you trust ?

I see the same old "gurus" blasting their testimonials all over the web, recommending almost everything, just to see their names on as many pages as possible.

All the reviews are based upon my personal opinion and experience I have or had with the reviewed ebook/ service/ software/ program .. and in many cases the recommendations are made from different points of view, i.e. some products may be of great value for experienced marketers while not suitable at all for newbies.

As I am a fan of frogs, my very favorite one is "phyllomedusa bicolor", I´m going to use a little frog clipart for my ratings. uses cows uses rockets
why not use a lovely little frog?

The maximum rating is 5 frogs and reserved for outstanding (superior) products and services:

And the following is a very poor rating, i.e. I personally don´t recommend that anybody buys the product or service:

While maximum effort has been made to honestly review and accurately describe the following products / services, personal experience (good and bad) influence the reviews, so I make no guarantee for benefits from using the products / services nor shall I be held responsible for damages or losses.

With that said, here´s the list of available reviews:


Google Adwords Guide
Perry Marshall´s definitive guide to Google Adwords

1 million visitors - freeadguru    (PDF)
How to get one million visitors on your site without paying a dime in advertisement.

Google Cash    (PDF)
How to make thousands writing Google Adwords part-time (even without a website or product)

Public Domain Riches    (PDF)
How to use public domain information to create products, build a business and more ...

software tools and services

professional autresponder services
Discover which autoresponder suits best for your business

AutoWebLaw Pro   (PDF and EXE version)
Fill in the blank software to create required legal website documents and protect your business in minutes.

More than just a TextEditor.

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