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Question: what are the 3 biggest problems of any pay per performance search engine and how does the new concept of pay per performance web traffic solve them? - Read on to find out.

Dear Business Colleague,

one of the most popular (but not always the best) ways to get pay per performance web traffic is advertising with the major pay per click search engines (like Overture, Google AdWords, FindWhat and others). It´s the fastest and easiest way to get a steady stream of highly targeted web traffic from the search engines and their partner web sites.

But although all these "traditional" pay per performance search engines are different from each other, they all have the same 3 big problems that can cost you a lot of money.

Get more details on the features and differences between pay per click search engines from my pay per performance search engine review.

For other types of risk free advertising, please read this article about other
pay per performance advertising possibilities.

And here they are:

The 3 biggest problems of traditional
pay per performance web traffic

1) Every sponsor listing looks like what it is: just a dumb AD !

People who look for content on the search engines already know that the first listings are paid ones and not on the top because of extra good quality content or service. Generally there´s also a friendly "sponsor" note from the PPC Search Engine reminding them that your listing is just an ad.
People know that when they click on these "ads", they´ll be presented with a sales pitch. Their Defense goes up - your Convertion Rate goes down.
And worse, some of the Engines even list the amount of your bid. >:(

2) Very limited space to desrcibe your offer

The more space you have, the better you can describe your products or services and prequalify your visitors. Traditional ppc search engines unfortunately don´t give you enough space to accurately describe your product / service (you´re pretty good if you manage to put more than 10 words in a Google Adword campaign).

3) The Competition

Now that´s a real big problem in different ways. While there are efforts to prevent their advertisers from any fraudulent tricks, the pay per performance search engines cannot avoid that some of your competitors eat up at least a small fraction of your advertising dollars by clicking on your links.

The minimum bid ammount is usually between 5 Cents and 10 Cents per visitor. Don´t expect a good listing for such low bids, unless you bid on keywords that get very few searches or keywords that won´t make you money (like "free stuff"). So be prepared to spend at least 50 Cents to 2 Dollars (per click !) in order to get well listed for popular keywords and a reasonable number of visitors to your site.

4) Four ? (You didn´t expect more problems, did you?)

Well, this one isn´t acutally so big and you can control it yourself, but only few know about. pay per performance search engines use to display your listings (by default) also on their partner´s websites. That means the traffic that you´ll be getting is NOT only from search engines (higher quality visitors because they actively went out and searched for you) but also from other websites (lower quality, ´cause they saw your ad by chance). To avoid this, you need to set your account to not allow traffic from partner web sites.

Sounds scaring - I know.

Fortunately there´s a solution to all four problems, so you won´t have to miss out on the so much sought after highly targeted traffic from the search engines.

Better Yet - I´ll give you two solutions:

1. - for long term results 

Learn how to create web pages that will rank high in the search engines and funnel that traffic to your main web sites. It´s easier than you think and will provide you with a steady flow of highly targeted web traffic for free.
Never again depend on pay per performance web traffic and pay per performance advertising.

Subscribe to TheJungleMarketer and I´ll send you the link to a powerful free ecourse (without the usual SEO Hype). I´m confident You´ll thank me later. Remember that this strategy is meant for your long term success.

2. - for faster results

It´s what I call the 2nd Generation pay per performance web traffic model,  a completely different approach to getting laser targeted (read: presold customers) pay per performance web traffic to your site.

What if you had someone who works hard to create several pages describing your service or product and then promotes these pages in order to get top rankings for popular keywords related to your topic ?

Imagine how well targeted visitors these pages would generate and unlike pay per click ads ...

1) They don´t look like ads, because they are listed in the regular search results.
2) Each of them uses over 300 words to describe your product / service

What if you could have the traffic from these pages for a low flat cost of 5 Cents per visitor while your competitors are paying up to 50 times more for their little ads on the sponsor spots?

I bet you´d laugh pretty hard at your competition - Haha.

Let me introduce you to someone who does right that. His name is Sumantra Roy, President of . He´s a well respected SEO expert and in addition to his regular search engine positioning services he also offers this new concept of pay per performance web traffic.

Read more about this unique type of pay per performance advertising service, how it works exactly and why Sumantra´s clients are so exited at

How much have you already paid to search engine experts in order to get your site "listed" ( listed ? - on page 359 or what?) or "top rankings" (yeah, I can get you top rankings for keywords nobody uses, too)?

Forget the SEO Hype.

Look - if you´ve already been using pay per performance advertising in the past, are using it by now or even never used it because you couldn´t afford to take the above risks, DO yourself at least the favor and check out Sumantra Roy´s totally different pay per performance web traffic model today at or drop him a line to see what he can do for you.

Your Partner in Success,

Guido W. Stiehle
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