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TheJungleMarketer´s Internet Marketing Ezine - Past Issues

Below you will find all the past issues until June 2005. Starting from July 2005, all newsletters are published and archived on my internet marketing weblog

issue #21 June 2005

1) How Google helps you to get your site indexed better

2) .htaccess and the benefit of redirects

3) TheJungleMarketer´s blog

4) Stay Out of Legal Problems with RSS News Syndication

issue #20 May 2005

1) How to lower the penalty risk for using RSS tools

2) How to automatically update your web pages with search engine friendly and money making content !

3) An introduction to outsourcing.

issue #19 April 2005

1) How a new Google invention might affect your rankings.

2) Tutorial: using CARP to display newsfeeds on your site and

  • how to modify the appearance of the feeds.
  • how to combine multiple feeds with CARP
3) updated list of search engine friendly web directories

issue #18 March 2005

1) The basics of finding the right business model and becoming successful.

2) Google´s new AdWords policies and Google Cash: the game goes on.

issue #17 Dezember 2004

SEO -Tips to get more quality links
1) Preparing for a successful reciprocal linking campaign. How to get more positive responses to your link exchange requests.

2) Purchasing text links. Examples for good text link ads and cautions you should take.

issue #16 November 2004

1) RSS and You
A quick introduction to RSS and the benefits for website owners, newsletter publishers and their subscribers.

2) PPC Advertising
Tips to increase your convertion rates to beat your competitors and increase your profits.

3) New Video Tutorial
How to find profitable, low competitive keyphrases for almost any niche. For affiliates and those who sell their own products.

issue #15 October 2004

1) The latest news about a live affiliate marketing experiment

2) Profitable Ideas for You to build an affiliate business.

3) PPC Advertising: Click Fraud - How big is the problem really and what can you do to lower your advertising costs ?

4) Two Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing and a step-by-step guide for building a different home based business.

issue #14 September 2004

1) Search Engine Optimization:
      - 3 ingredients to SEO success
      - how to get new pages indexed fast

2) Pay Per Click Advertising News and Tips
3) Questions and Answers
4) E-Book review
5) Video Tutorials

issue #13 August 2004

1) Power Promotion With Low-Cost Classified Ads
2) Six Ways to Increase Sales

issue #12 July 2004

1) pay per click advertising: How you can find out which ppc search engine delivers the best traffic for you and which ad position is best.

2) Quick tip to find hot niches that are looking for products to buy - discover if you are the one who´s able to give them what they want.

issue #11 June 2004

A step by step strategy to get a brand new web site off the ground, how to solve the initial problems you´ll encounter when looking for link partners and how to find out the average value of your visitors.

issue #10 June 2004

1) Creating multiple streams of income - strategy #3 (Part 3 of 3)
How to create several web sites, optimized to achieve top search engine rankings, to promote affiliate programs, without even knowing any html coding language.
Note: great strategy for newbies !

2) Web Design: Tips for designing a good looking and well working website

3) SEO: How to get your site noticed by the search engines and give it a jump start on its way to top rankings.

issue #09 May 2004

1) How to find out what people want to buy - ways to conduct a market research.
2) Creating multiple streams of income - strategy #2 (Part 2 of 3)

issue #08 April 2004

1) Three real ways to create multiple streams of income - Part 1 (of 3)

2) Co-Registration: what it is, how to use it to build / increase your business and some cautions that you should take.

3) More tips to build your opt-in e-mail list(s)
4) search engine optimization (SEO) - the basics

issue #07 March 2004

1) 5 ways to improve your business credibility
2) SEO experiment update.

issue #06 February 2004

1) Don´t let your traffic stats fool you
2) How to handle leads safely

issue #05 January 2004

1) How much optimization is sane for your listing?
2) a new small SEO experiment

January 04: SEO live experiment update

January special: about Can Spam Act

issue #04 Dezember 2003  (special)

How to increase your SE rankings using ezine articles

issue #03 November 2003

How you can tap into the lists of hundreds of ezine publishers to get more subscribers, sell more products and get higher SE rankings ... at no cost.

issue #02 October 2003

how to use ezine articles to brand your name, sell more products, get more subscribers. 5 easy steps to the perfect ezine article.


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