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Congratulations ! You have chosen a great medium for doing business - worldwide !
I cannot think of another way to work that gives me the flexibility, free time, pleasure and lifestyle I always wanted for my life and my family. Being my own boss, having an almost totally automated international business !
Iīm pretty sure thatīs why  YOU have chosen to make business online, too.

Iīm a dental surgeon and when still at the university, I went to a small brazilian jungle town, called "Cruzeiro do Sul", to work in a missionary clinic for a couple of months in ī99. Thatīs where I got to know the love of my life.
So after finishing university in July 2000 and with the dentistīs diploma in my pocket, I immediately travelled back to Cruzeiro do Sul to marry my sweet love. As my diploma isnīt valid in Brazil, working in the missionary clinic for a few bucks ways the only way to sustain me, my wife and (from april 2002 on) our sweet little daughter Sophia. So I started to search for something different, an additional income, a business that gives me much more flexibilty, too. Thatīs when I discovered the internet as a business place.
Life is fantastic in the rainflorest, I love mother nature. But itīs hard doing business when you have the worldīs worst internet connection.

Summer 2003: My Dad needs a helping hand in his dentist practice and my wife is burning to know my country. So there we went ... back to Germany. Thatīs where we actually live, in a small lovely town in South Germany, called Ehingen, located at the river "Danubia".
Hey, and for me online marketing has become much more fun since I got a high speed internet connection, no more hassling with our last century jungle dial-up :o)

Wherever I go, I can take my business with me. When I started, Iīve been living in Brazil, now Iīm living in Germany with my family and Iīm free to take a 3 months holiday from my offline work as dentist, to travel where I want and still have an almost hands-off income producing online business. I might chose to visit some friends in the USA, run away from the cold german winter to the hot brazilian jungle or just go on vacation ... my online business continues almost automatically. Sure, I need to be in touch with my subscribers and clients personally, but hey - I can do this from every internet café in the world, Iīm not tied to a local office.
Thatīs so fantastic ! But boy, it wasnīt easy to get where I am today and Iīm still learning a lot of new things every day. It took me a lot of time and money to figure out how this online marketing game works.

A big mistake was to follow the advice of those "internet marketing gurus", purchase business leads and try to market internet marketing products to those people. Itīs really much easier and more profitable for someone with no or little online marketing experience to make money in small niches other than the overcrowded internet business niche.

The reason I started this newsletter was that I wanted to share the experience I gained over time with other online business newbies and write honest product reviews, because Iīve seen too many ads for IM products disguised as reviews.

If you want to know what Iīve been learning and doing in the past couple of years, simply browse through my old newsletter archive and the more recent issues and posts on my internet marketing weblog.

I hope you find my site useful.

Best Regards,

Guido W. Stiehle
editor of TheJungleMarketerīs internet marketing ezine
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