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A newsletter and website dedicated to helping everybody who´s involved in online marketing ( newbies, affiliate marketers, webmasters, online business owners ) and sick of all the hype, providing honest product reviews and marketing live experiments.

Guido W. Stiehle - TheJungleMarketer Dear Colleague,
I started this website in 2003, shortly after I started my internet marketing venture. It used to be a monthly e-mail newsletter, but with all the web 2.0 technologies becoming so popular, I decided to save some of my precious time and publish my experiments, product reviews, tutorials and other internet business news directly on my internet marketing blog.

Internet marketing has always been a part-time business for me and I´m still operating my main offline business, a dental practice. If you are curious, you can read more about me here.

How I use the Internet to Earn Money

1. Additional Residual Income
A great way to earn money from home is to build websites and publish useful information in the form of articles (or blog posts) related to certain market niches. Once published and with a small effort of promotion, those websites constantly receive visitors. There are a couple of ways to generate revenues from those sites, such as promoting other people´s products (affiliate marketing), selling ad space (banners, text links) or display contextual advertisements (f.ex. Google AdSense).

2. Selling Products and Services I also have my own products (e-books, video tutorials) and services that I´m selling from different websites. The beauty of selling digital (downloadable) products is that the entire process (receiving payments and product delivery) can be automated and you can sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Promote my Offline Business The techniques I´ve been learning in my internet marketing venture also helped me to use the internet to promote my offline business. Every modern offline business should have an internet presence (website). Today, a lot of people use search engines to find local offline businesses. In addition, you can use offline media to make potential new clients aware of your services, educate them about your services on your website and save a lot of consultation time this way.

What´s New

Here are the latest headlines from my internet marketing blog

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Search Engine Optimization

Discover how to get your web pages to the top in the search engines for any keywords you like. SEO ain´t no rocket science, but a simple process that anyone can follow. Of course - the more competitive your target keywords, the more effort you must put into the search engine marketing process.

The problem with most of the SEO books is that soon after they are released, some of the techniques don´t work anymore. So I recommend You study Rankings Revealed (by Searn Burns), a guide that is not only easy to understand but also frequently updated !

Success Tip of the Day

Timing is Everything

You have probably heard it before - timing is everything. Especially when it comes to opening a business, there is a right and a wrong time to start a business. This would be extremely important if your business has cycles or is seasonal. For example, if you are starting a business to do landscaping, the winter months when snow is on the ground is not the right time. You can be working toward your Business Plan, marketing ideas, finding investors, if required, etc., during those cold months, but you certainly would not want to open your doors for the first time in the heart of winter.

Make Money with Online Auctions

Make Your Net Auction Sell ! The ultimate guide to build a profitable auction business. This guide used to sell for about 40 Dollars but is now available for free download (Click on graphic).

Auction Tip of the Day

Professional Ads

Keeping with the importance of a professional looking auction, if you need assistance, use the Instant Ad Creator, which will walk you through the process to a great looking ad.


Guido W. Stiehle
TheJungleMarketer´s internet marketing ezine

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